Artist statement

My name is Milica Bubanja and the jewelry you see here is designed in my little art studio in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where love brought me. Every piece is created with my hands and my heart, down to the tiniest detail. I have been learning jewelry techniques for many years now, both from famous masters of the craft from all around the world and from my own experience. My guide in the creative process is the primordial need to experiment. When I create, time stops and I get completely lost . I see myself as a modern alchemist, trying to bring to this world a piece of magic in a material form. I take this creative journey as something intuitive and every form that comes to life takes me by suprise. Through some kind of magic, every piece I design knows its purpose and finds the way to its wearer.

When people tell me they didn't choose their piece of jewelry, yet the piece chose them, I know I did my job well. And that the purpose has been fulfilled.

If you want your jewelry to be as unique as you are, let me know and I will make a special piece that will find its way to your soul.