Jewelry care

Care Instructions

The jewellery I make is intended for a lifelong usage. I am convinced that you also want your piece of jewellery to preserve its original appearance for as long as possible. To achieve this, it is necessary that you maintain it properly.

Cleaning Your Jewelry

The natural process of silver oxidation is not a problem if you know how to clean a piece of jewellery. It occurs when silver comes in contact with sulphur or oxygen. I recommend taking your jewellery off before going to sauna, fitness, swimming in the pool, when applying make-up and perfume, as well as when cleaning your house with chemicals.

The best protection is prevention of oxidation. Regularly clean your piece of jewellery with the cloth enclosed in the original package.

If your piece of jewelry has no stones, you may simply immerse it into a silver cleaning solution, and then thoroughly wipe it off with a cloth for silver cleaning that will bring its shine and remove excess of cleaning solution. Never immerse a piece of jewellery with stone or that has oxidised details into a solution. If you are not sure how to clean the jewellery yourself, you may always take it to your local jeweller who would do that for you professionally.

Storing Your Jewelry

Silver, gilding as well as semi-precious and precious stones may get scratched. Therefore always put your piece of jewelry after use in the original package and do not mix it with other jewelry. It should be stored away from natural sunlight and heat, in a protective (lined) jewelry box or a tarnish-resistant pouch. Do not store your jewelry in the bathroom.

Wearing your jewelry

Above all wear you jewellery as often as you can. Your body excretes oils that have protective effects, thus protecting your jewellery from oxidation. Wear it even if there is no special occasion: wear it while going shopping, having coffee with your friend. Wear it while writing, working, walking your dog. Every day is a special occasion – unique and unrepeatable. It is yours.