• The gate
  • The gate
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The gate


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There is a legend that says that every one of us, at least once in our
life, sees a gate that starts at the heart of the Earth and goes all the way
up to the Universe.

The gate invites us to go through it, but we tend to circle its walls
for years, without seeing the gate itself. We wonder, not because
we are afraid of failure, but because we are afraid of success.
We fear changes and our beliefs and doubts make us bargain with God
and with our own soul. This gate always opens at the right time
and then the decision is ours. Because there is no guaranty
- at least not while we are standing outside. It is time to be brave
and gentle with yourself.
Because, who knows... maybe the gate is opening as we speak.

I made this ring of silver and there is a red magenta rubelite set in it,
shining in a peculiar way from its depths.
Inner diameter is 17mm and of course, it is UNIQUE. *


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