• The Windows of our Soul
  • The Windows of our Soul
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The Windows of our Soul


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With every decision we make, we open a new door. When we have difficulties in making a decision
because we don't like any of the doors that we see, we tend to feel stuck.

In that moment we forget the world is immense and so are our options. We just don't see them
because we are used to looking for doors. And we miss out the windows.
And there are so many beautiful things about the windows. They are the place where we grow
our plants and we look at the sunsets and sunrises from.
So, I made a little reminder for all of us. Silver earrings, with the texture of canvas.
In a form of doors, but with little windows everywhere.
And I adorned them with a stone called Carnelian, known to the ancient Egyptians as "The Setting Sun".
So we don`t forget about all the beautiful things we can see from our windows.
I called them "The Windows of our Soul" They are 6.5cm long and they are UNIQUE.


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