• The Network of Love
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The Network of Love


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Sometimes, when it comes to people we are surrounded with, we forget to listen to our heart.
We forget that these very people make our network and have a huge influence on our life.
And that having a healthy and strong network is essential for our well-being.
Relationships that are not based on love, understanding and respect make
our network weak and fruitless. And if the network is weak, it is very difficult for us to be strong.
I made these earrings as a reminder to us all to ask ourselves from time to time how we feel
in our old networks and if it is time to build new ones.
Ones that will inspire us to be and do more,
that will bring us joy and that will teach us love and understanding.

They represent my vision of a healthy network. Its silver threads,
intertwined with love and support have made it possible for the whole network to catch a fruit.
A beautiful red garnet, known for its purifying and healing energy.
I called them "The Network of Love"

They measure about 3cm.


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