• When Artemis meets Aphrodite
  • When Artemis meets Aphrodite
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When Artemis meets Aphrodite


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Sometimes, I like to go back to classic, timeless pieces and try to give them a new, innovative touch.
I do this by bringing together the strength and tenderness, rawness and sophistication.
For this pair of earrings, I combined rustic silver texture and high polished sapphire.
Because, in the end, it is what we are: the encounter of Arthemide, the Goddess of Wilderness
and Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. When they love and let each other express themselves
in different roles in life, a woman is in balance. And the whole Universe celebrates her wholeness.

I decided to call these earrings ,,When Artemis meets Aphrodite".
5mm long, measured from the ear wire to the end of the circle.


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