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  • Soul Mates II
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Soul Mates II


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Once upon a time, there was a handsome and powerful Roman
general who traveled to Egypt and met the impetuous, capricious
and beautiful queen. She was brave, intelligent and wild

and loving her, he defied all the rules he was sent to follow.
While they were celebrating their love,
the world watched and disapproved.

When they had their twins, he ordered two custom made rings,
designed with fusion 22k gold in an ancient Korean technique
called Keum- Boo and adorned with two amethyst stones with
pointy edges.

The legend says she was wearing them years later when,
after finding out he had killed him self,
she committed suicide by holding a snake to her body
and allowing it to bite her,
killing her with its poisonous venom.

Ok, maybe I changed the story a little bit towards the end,
but I it is possible to imagine, isn’t it?

I called the rings “Soul Mates”.
The inner diameter of the ring from the photo is 17mm
or 7 US size.

For any additional questions, please, contact me.


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