• The Crystal Structures of the Heart
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The Crystal Structures of the Heart


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These high glass polished silver earrings with Raw Spessartine
Garnet are inspired by the crystal structures that, throughout life,
create layers inside our being. These fascinating forms become
more complex as the time passes.
They become the mirrors of the past. Of our memories.
Of the loves we had and lost
and that then came back in a different form.
Of the ones who were, touched our souls
and left. To some of them we said goodbye and to some
of them we never did, fighting our fear of oblivion. But if we just
close our eyes and let ourselves feel these beautiful crystal forms
in our heart, we will see that everyone we have ever loved
and everyone that has loved us back is still there, inside of us.
Ending something doesn’t mean we have betrayed that feeling,
we have just let the crystal structure become stronger
and richer.

We have let it shine inside of us and through us, and that it is I think,
the only way to keep the circle of love alive and and beating.

I called them “The Crystal Structures of the Heart"


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