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Half-way through my search of wholeness, I encountered my starry
nature. It was the most touching encounter of my life. I left it behind
long time ago, as a little girl, in order to secure the love and acceptance
of the ones who were bothered by its shine. It reminded them of their
own abandonment. Years and decades passed. When I finally
recognized the starry part of myself, I knew it had never left me.

It had just put down its light. It embraced me
from the silence
when I walked like a shadow between the two worlds,

belonging nowhere. It lifted me with the breath of air when
I felt exhausted. It was a handful of fertile land where I fed my roots
when everything around me was burned. It has always been there....
that part given to us by the Universe. To all of us. To never forget it.

"Stellar" is made of silver and you can see rough movements
of hand sculpture. It is covered with gold, like stardust.
A rubellite is set in a frame and connected with 14k golden wires
It comes with a simple silver necklace.


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