• The Symbols of Life and World
  • The Symbols of Life and World
  • The Symbols of Life and World
  • The Symbols of Life and World
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The Symbols of Life and World


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This myth is represented by symbols that last centuries.
They are so old that their origin is unclear, but their outlines
are carvedinto the collective conscience of the whole of humanity.
On a deep, inconceivable level they are powerful.
Their influence on a human being is subtle and mighty
at the same time.

The Hand of a Svarog” is a symbol of the holiness of life.
It shows all four sides, male and female polarity,
up and down, all four elements. For me, this symbol is connected
to the old Slavonic roots that ground me and sing legends about
my people’s past that has been long forgotten.

The Circle with the epicenter with raw hessonite garnet represents
the soul in the center of the Universe. Looking from that level
of consciousness, everything is timeless and spaceless.
A circle without a beginning nor end, immersed in the eternal
human quest for meaning that will enrich their existence.
The symbol of reunion with the celestial mosaic and the consciousness
of our role in it

At the center, there is the enameled part with the symbol of the Sun,
as a source of life and renovation. And the inner Sun that awakes
passion, active energy of life, ability to dream and love.
In a small frame, there is a citrine stone.

Next to it, there is a symbol of the Eye with a tourmaline
of beautiful green color. It represents the wisdom to see things
as they are. To make the right decisions. With this all-seeing,
inner eye, we are looking at what we cannot feel with our senses.
The essence. The truth above the illusion.

The spiral is the oldest symbol of universal development,
eternal being, the energy of life and fertility. We encounter it
in almost all ancient cultures. We see it in nature, everywhere
there is beauty. It is the perfection of creation and it reminds us
that we are also a part of the whole, born from its source.

The bracelet can be adjusted by adding hoops to the part
where the closing patent is. It is made entirely out of silver,
with specially chosen stones to reflect the myth it wants to transmit.

Please specify the circumference when ordering.


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