• A Talisman for a Fairy
  • A Talisman for a Fairy
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A Talisman for a Fairy


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Have you ever wondered what girls know about fairies?
Are they beings with blinking eyes and pink wings that they draw
in their notebooks? Good and obedient, from Disney cartoons,
fulfilling wishes to everyone.

And while our daughters read these stories, they are becoming a part
of the culture that subtly kills the female principle,
in the most perfidious way. Giving them the illusion of freedom
in this modern society.  And while we fix our faces and adjust
our bodies to the beauty standards imposed by those
who have no idea about beauty nor about a woman,
something deep inside us sings the saddest song in the world.
It reminds us that we lost something very important along the way.

According to ancient Slavic mythology, fairies were born from dew
and grew up from flowers. Whether they were river, sea, forest
or mountain fairies, water is omnipresent in these beings
that represent  the embodiment of nature itself.
They are the daughters of the Great Mother
, impulsive, intuitive, brave and moody. They are bright and dark,
sunny and stormy. They give and punish.
They are the voices a woman  hears inside herself sometimes, t
hat call her to rebel. To respect herself.
To close her eyes and let the wind take her in the right direction.
If she lets go. They whisper about the common mother,
empowering her  to become aware of her strength and jumps out
of the pages of the book  where she plays the roles someone else
wrote for her. They call her to let her hair down, drink the drops
of the spring rain, dance barefoot, to howl like a wolf.
To destroy and rebuild.
And then destroys again, if needed. To write her own pages.
That is a real fairy. And this is her talisman.

Beautifully blue labradorite in a silver frame with a small,
rounded kyanite.


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