• Young Moon Tanzanite earrings
  • Young Moon Tanzanite earrings
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Young Moon Tanzanite earrings


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Have you ever identified that inner restlessness, as in your stomach
a thousand wings are gently trying to change the stale air?
Has west wind ever whispered to you “Come on..time to go!”,
without you knowing why or where to go? Because this invitation
doesn’t come with a map, goal, and prize. This is why people
decide to stay where they are.
They think this fluttering is restlessness, an unstable
or unwanted part. They do medical checks of their heart or body.
They treat the symptoms hoping that they will put butterflies
in their stomach to sleep with enough sedatives. And yet…
maybe one day we understand that restlessness is an initiator
that invites us on a pilgrimage to regenerate our heart,
not created to be normal, but silly in its authenticity.

According to ancient alchemical wisdom, new paths are best
to be taken when the moon is young. With tanzanite,
the crystal of transformation that helps to melt the old patterns
and habits and lets the new ones in.

“Young Moon” earrings are 5cm long.


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