• Full Moon Amethyst earrings
  • Full Moon Amethyst earrings
  • Full Moon Amethyst earrings
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Full Moon Amethyst earrings


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Just like the young Moon is the initiator of new journeys, the full Moon
brings introspection and celebration. Slowing down the active,
worldly energy and opening our eyes towards the inner mirror.
April Moon is a chance to reconnect with nature that is waking up
from her sleep, bringing fruits of the Earth that is the carrier
of the female principle. There are so many wonderful things
we can do during this period: strengthen our sexuality,
bathe in fragrant salts and crystals, laugh without a reason
and cry too. Why not?

The light of the Full Moon is healing. If we open to it,
it will integrate our high and low tides, everything that thrives
or is afraid to emerge. Remember to slow down and celebrate
its majesty when the Moon looks like a huge disc navigating the sky.

For those occasions, I added to these earring amethyst stones
- the crystals of tranquility, intuition, and spirituality.

“Full Moon” Earrings are 6.5 cm long.


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