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Wild and Free


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Crystal therapists consider it a crystal of spirituality and tranquility.
As an artist, I don’t know much about that. But I can feel a stone
that I work with. It tells me who it is and what it brings to me,
inspiring me to transform it into a unique piece of jewelry. Wearable
matrices of energy. And this one is very strong...this is why I placed
it in a silver frame that suits it the best: wild and untamed and
at the same time so femenine. With two more amethyst it forms
a triad because… is there a more magical number than 3?

Their internal whispers cannot be heard with human’s
limited senses, but somehow I felt it had to do with a love story
beyond time and space.

Love that doesn’t have gender nor form.

The length of the necklace can be adjusted,
contact me for specific wishes.


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