My name is Milica Bubanja and I am a jewelry artist based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I create unique expressions of wearable art and every piece you see here is one of a kind. Just like its wearer. My jewelry is inspired by poetry, philosophy, Mother Earth and by the essence that connects them all together. My hands do not only make jewelry. They tell stories. Every stone, raw or refined, every piece of glass, old lace or other object that I interweave in my jewelry, has its own story that has never been told before.

When creating jewelry, I use the best materials I can find, taking their selection and quality very seriously. Every custom made piece, with it's textures and forms, reflects the interior worlds of the person who wears it. Their passion and dreams. Making the piece even more unique than before. Such a piece is not a fashion accessory any more. It is a symbol of personal truth. A source of everyday magic.

"Wearing my jewelry you are not just wearing accessories. You are wearing a vision of the world A world that is filled with love. A world we want to live in."

Contact me and I will make a piece that will touch your soul. Take a look at all my work here or visit my shop where you will find available jewelry.